Cementing Services

Proper cementing work is essential for maintaining the structural integrity of the well, and is one of the most important aspects of well engineering.

As with fluids management, cementing is an integral part of a successful drilling operation. By providing a range of services (from consulting to engineering) from a range of highly trained cementing experts, we are able to reduce costs and risks, and ensure efficient and lasting functioning of our client’s wells.

See below for an outline of the cementing services we offer:

Procurement & Planning

We can assist throughout the procurement and well planning stage, this includes:

  • Defining well cementing requirements
  • Preparing relevant portions of ITTs
  • Evaluating contractors’ proposed programmes and facilities to ensure low risk, cost effective solutions

Rig-Site Engineering & Supervision

We have a access to a team of skilled drilling engineers and supervisors trained in the use and management of cement for various types of general and specialised drilling operations, including HPHT and Deepwater projects.

Our engineers and supervisors are available to conduct and oversee cementing work on-site, and to provide training to rig staff and offer general technical support where needed.

Cementing Advice & Support

We offer advisory services, helping suppliers with the selection, development and use of cement and related technologies and equipment. Specific services include:

  • Evaluating supplier and contractor management during well construction operation.
  • Developing zonal isolation policies and standards
  • Consulting on the most appropriate technology and cementing solutions with specific zonal isolation challenges in mind
  • Producing a range of documentation including industry best practise manuals and guidance documents designed for all drilling and completion staff.

Workshops & Training

We offer in-depth training at various levels, including on the basics of cementing for prospective engineers and supervisors, and advanced training for those looking to develop particular specialisations.

For more information, call us on 01224 330599, or send us an email at admin@ak-wells.com