Fluids Management Services

Drilling & Completion Fluids Management

Fluids engineering and management are integral to the success of any drilling operation, and the benefits of hiring specialists cannot be overestimated.

AK Well Services Limited offers comprehensive drilling fluids management services relevant to every stage of both on-shore and off-shore drilling operations – from contract review to on-site engineering to post well analysis. Our primary aim to raise the profile of drilling fluids within the oil and gas industry through the deployment of highly trained and experienced personnel.

Our services can be taken individually, in any combination, or in their entirety: we can provide end-to-end management of all fluids related aspects of your drilling projects or we can simply offer ad hoc technical support and advice, depending on your requirements and capabilities. This flexible approach allows our clients to make best use of our diverse skill-set as an organisation, with expert services provided exactly as and when they are needed.

The list of fluids management services we offer is as follows:

Procurement & Contract Reviews

Well Planning

Drilling & Completion Fluids Engineering

Solids Control & Waste Management


Post Well Analysis

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Fluids Management Services Details

Commonly faced issues including stuck pipes, formation damage and poor circulation within the well can all be prevented by expert fluids management – an aspect of drilling operations that is all too often overlooked. Our customers around the globe have benefited from reduced costs and reduced exposure to the various risks associated with oil and gas drilling work.

Procurement and Contract Reviews

Projects can be made or broken at the procurement stage; detailed preparation of ITTs and comprehensive auditing of potential suppliers is key.

We can manage all fluids related aspects of your procurement process, ensuring that you hire the experienced and reliable contractors who are fully trained and advised about all specific technical aspects of the job at hand.

Preparing ITTs and Related Documentation

We will prepare the commercial and technical portion of invitations to tender for:

  • Drilling fluids,
  • Brines,
  • Well clean-up,
  • Containment, and
  • Cuttings processing

We will also assist in the production of other procurement-stage documentation, including RFQs and RFIs.

Evaluating Contractors

Once tenders are submitted, we will assess potential contractors and suppliers to evaluate their commercial and technical viability.

Once contractors our suppliers have been selected, we can carry out extensive audit and evaluation of their facilities, their equipment and their personnel. This can include carrying out rig surveys.

Drilling and Completion Fluids Engineering

In order to ensure correct and efficient use of fluids in a drilling operation it’s important to have access to highly skilled drilling fluids engineers.

We have access to a large team of mud engineers, all with varying specialisations and all with years of experience. Our engineers are available to work on offshore and on-shore rigs across the globe, and will take on responsibilities including:

  • Designing and creating drilling fluids according to the your project’s requirements, including based on the local geology.
  • Validating recommendations of fluids contract providers, and reviewing any new technology.
  • Liaising with any HSE personnel to ensure the fluids are managed safely and compliantly.
  • Advising on environmental regulations and legislation, including participating in O&G UK technical groups.
  • Providing ad hoc on-site technical support.

We are able to make sure that you are provided with engineers whose specialisations and local expertise matches up with the requirements specific to your operation.


Monitoring, reporting and review of key aspects of the drilling project enables an efficient and productive operation.

Regular assessments and reviews of the technical aspects of the operation, the performance of the personnel and contractors, and of the HSE impact of the work, are conducted to inform improvements in current and future operations.

Technical Review & Reporting

All fluids, cementing and waste management activity should be monitored and reviewed on a daily basis. This includes investigating any technical problems and liaising with the relevant providers to minimise future incidents.

We will coordinate with any operator drilling personnel and fluids contractors in order to ensure reviews and reports are conducted in a thorough and timely manner.

We will also coordinate the collection and recording of chemical permitted data, necessary both to improve future efficiency, and for statutory reporting.

Performance Review & Reporting

The performance of personnel, suppliers and fluids contractors will be assessed regularly with initial objectives in mind.


Our accounting team is able to provide verification of all invoices, credits and other financial transactions relevant to the operation.

Well Planning

Proper well planning improves the chances of a smoother operation, ensuring correct selection, preparation and use of fluids in advance.

Our team can be present and active throughout the planning process.

Initial Meetings and Contractor Liaison

Our staff will participate in any planning meetings, acting as a contact point for all fluids related aspects of the project at hand. This will include establishing performance objectives, and making primary assessments of the composition and quality of fluids required. This will also include coordinating the collection of chemical usage data in preparation for chemical permitting submissions.

We will also liaise with any fluids contractors, ensuring the assignment of competent and well-trained personnel in all relevant departments.

Fluids Design and Testing

We undertake a thorough and robust fluids selecting process in order to optimise all technical and economic aspects of the drilling project. Following this, we can provide laboratory staff to monitor and oversee the testing and optimisation of the fluids designs.

Impact Assessment

Assessment of the HSE impact of drilling work is an important part of the planning process. This primarily involves:

  • Coordinating formation damage compatibility studies, and
  • Liaising with the operator’s HSE department to ensure that all fluids related aspects of the project are compliant with DECC regulations, and that all statutory reports are to be completed.

Solids Control and Waste Management

Maintain the integrity of your drilling fluids, and reduce the environmental impact of your operation by minimising and containing waste products and cuttings.         

Ops Management & Supervision

We manage and supervise the various technical aspects of solids and waste management operations including arranging for the collection, containment and testing of slops and dried cuttings. This includes liaising with and coordinating any independent waste management service providers working on your projects.

Consultation & Advisory Services

We provide consulting services relating to each stage of the drilling operation, including advising on:

  • The selection and maintenance of solids control equipment,
  • Rig fluid system design,
  • Maximising the efficiency of filtration and solids control equipment, and
  • HSE impact of solids and waste management, and related legislation and regulations.

We are also able to provide ad hoc consulting on other aspects of solids and waste management and containment.

Auditing & Review

We offer auditing and review of rig-site containment provisions with a view to guaranteeing the suitability of all equipment, procedures and personnel.

We will also monitor conduct audits of any onshore processing that needs to take place, this includes review and verification of any test results or relevant analytical services.


Post Well Analysis

To maximise the effectiveness of future operations, proper analysis of the work done, equipment and contractors used, and results achieved, is crucial.

Using standardised methods where applicable, we will conduct extensive end of well summaries and compile relevant reports, including:

  • Reviews and assessment of contractors’ performance,
  • Reviews of material reconciliations from the relevant contractors,
  • Conducting mud recaps,
  • Reviewing and assessing mud recaps to ensure their accuracy,
  • Ensuring that lessons-learnt picked up in recaps are validated and implemented in future operations,
  • Coordinating collection of chemical usage and discharge data for DECC reporting submissions.

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