Environmental Technical Assistance

Environmental Technical Assistance

Technical reporting on various aspects of any drilling operation, including HSE impact and chemical use, is a key aspect of compliant environmental oversight.

We can provide in-house environmental technical assistants who will ensure your operation’s compliance. This involves making sure that the necessary reports are conducted and filed correctly and comprehensively. There are two primary areas of reporting we focus on:

EEMS Reports

OSPAR Chemical Reports

EEMS Reporting

The Environmental and Emissions Monitoring System (EEM) is a database that contains environmental data on the activity UK oil and gas industry. It is used for statistical reporting and to inform new policy and regulations by the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (DBEIS, formerly the DECC).

Our technical assistants will complete all relevant EEMS reports at the end of each well, and will load them onto the EEMS online portal as applicable. This includes the following reports:

  • EEMS PermWell– listing the quantities of all chemicals used and discharged on the well
  • EEMS DrillFluids – mass balance of oil from OBM
  • Condition 5 Report – base oil discharges during wellbore clean-up

OSPAR Chemical Usage Reports

The OSPAR Commission is an international group dedicated to the protection and conservation of the North East Atlantic and its resources. It uses the OSPAR Conventional as a legislative instrument to impose regulations on any industrial activity conducted in the region, including offshore oil drilling.

As a part of this, drilling operators are required to provide annual reports identifying any chemicals used as part of the drilling process, justifying their use, and identifying any chemicals that have been substituted or will be substituted in future operations.

Our technical assistants will complete and submit the following on your behalf:

  • Annual Reporting Spreadsheets – detailing chemicals for priority action or candidates for substitution that are no longer used or have to be replaced.
  • Technical Justification Report Spreadsheet – providing a technical justification for the continued use and/or discharge of all chemicals identified for priority action or substitution.

As well as completing statutory reports, we will also track chemical usage throughout the drilling operation.

Some additional reporting is required when drilling in certain sensitive areas. Our technical assistants will identify if and when this is the case, and will complete reports as required.

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