Fluids Technology Advisory Services

Fluids Technology Advice & Support

Independent expert advice on all aspects of drilling fluids and cement engineering and management can make your operation more efficient, more compliant, and altogether more effective.

Our advisory services cover all technical aspects of the use of drilling and completion fluids and cements in oil and gas drilling operations with a view to ensuring correct usage of equipment and systems, and improving overall efficiency. This includes offering remote technical support covering any and all fluids related issues.

Specific areas covered include:

  • Drilling and completion fluids engineering
  • Cementing
  • Waste management
  • HSE impact mitigation

Technical & Strategic Advice

We can assist in the selection and commissioning of fluids systems to be integrated into rig designs, and advise on the best use of systems that are in place to ensure maximal efficiency.

Additionally, we can coordinate environmental remediation projects, and coordinate the development of general environmental strategies, in particular for drilling operations taking place in environmentally sensitive or remote areas.

Testing & Evaluation

As well as helping select and commission fluids systems, we can conduct trials and evaluations of existing equipment and systems. This includes auditing rig and onshore facilities and ensuring standardised and effective quality control procedures are developed and followed.

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