Laboratory Services

The testing and monitoring of fluids, and cement in controlled conditions by highly trained individuals is crucial to any successful drilling operation.

We can provide a range of laboratory services including:

  • providing personnel to work at our clients’ facilities,
  • conducting work through our own arrangement with an ISO 9001 accredited laboratory,
  • consulting and advisory services, and
  • completing, analysing and submitting final lab reports.

Our services are available for any stage of a drilling operation, from validation of tendered fluid formulas, to on-going trouble shooting of operational issues.

Our full list of services is as follows:

Primary Laboratory & Testing Services

We can enable our clients to conduct full testing of drilling and completion fluids, and cement, regardless of the facilities they have available.

Providing Personnel

We can provide highly trained personnel to either conduct or oversee the testing of fluids and cement at a suppliers’ facility.

Conducting Tests

We can conduct any fluids or cement analysis ourselves at a fully equipped ISO 9001 accredited laboratory.

All our lab work is conducted in accordance with industry standards, where applicable, and full and extensive reporting will be provided to the client.

Additional Laboratory Services

We also offer a range of additional services related to but not directly involved in the laboratory work itself.

Facilities & Equipment QA/QC

We can audit and assess any laboratory facilities or equipment with both quality control and HSE concerns in mind.

Arranging Trials

We can design, arrange and set up and trials or testing on behalf of our clients.


When we are conducting the testing work ourselves, we will always provide complete lab reports. We can also independently review and assess any reports completed by our clients.

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