Personnel Training

Providing employees with basic or advanced training in the use of fluids and cement, and related fields, creates invaluable human resources.

We offer training programmes designed to enable operators to improve the capabilities of their in-house workforce. Our programmes cover the technical, operational and commercial side of drilling fluids, cement, and waste management as well as covering related fields including environmental regulations and compliance.

Our training is suitable for employees with varying degrees of existing knowledge in any of the fields covered, from beginners looking for an initial overview, to others looking to advance their knowledge in specialist areas.

Basic Training

We can offer training at the most basic level, covering the fundamental aspects of drilling and completion fluids management. We also have courses covering the basics of cementing, waste management, HSE compliance, and general operational best practise.

Advanced Training

The various enhanced training programmes we offer are designed to add to existing knowledge, and allow staff members to develop particular specialisations for more advanced future work. This includes coaching in fluids, cement and waste management for specialist drilling projects, as well as in the more advanced aspects of contract procurement and operational oversight.

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