Rig-Site Fluids Supervisors

Expert supervision of all fluids engineering personnel and processes is essential in order to maintain an effective and efficient drilling operation.

We have a large team of expertly trained drilling fluid supervisors with years of experience available to manage and monitor the use of fluids at on-shore and off-shore drilling sites across the globe.

Our engineers have been competency checked and their skills and expertise will be matched to our client’s project, and will take on responsibilities including:

  • Supervising mud engineers and solids control engineers,
  • Coordinating and managing fluids and waste management services,
  • Managing logistics and ensuring all materials and contingency items are available when required,
  • Monitoring KPIs and advising on relevant procedural adjustments,
  • Ensuring all fluids and solids control equipment, facilities and procedures are fit for purpose,
  • Ensuring HSE standards are and drilling best practices (e.g. ECD management, hole cleaning & stuck pipe preventative measures) are applied and optimiseid,
  • Liaising with contractors and service providers,
  • Ensuring tracking and reporting systems are operational, and are being employed to a high standard

Bringing our supervisors to work on their rigs gives our clients assurance that the fluid is performing to the best of its ability and guarantees a level of expertise and professionalism that will massively improve the efficiency of any drilling operation.

Specialist Experience

Because our engineers have a diverse range of specialisations, we are able to ensure that clients are provided with staff whose experience and expertise meets the particular requirements of their operation, whether it’s Deepwater, HPHT, ERD, or any other kind of specialist work.

Global Local Knowledge

Our engineers have worked in and developed detailed local geological knowledge of several of the world’s major drilling locations. We always aim to provide our clients with engineers with extensive knowledge of and experience in the region where their particular site is located.

Our fluids engineers are available to work in the North Sea as well as internationally, and will either be assigned direct to the operator, or through the supply company.

For more information, call us on 01224 330599, or send us an email at admin@ak-wells.com