Our Services

The importance of drilling fluids engineering in contributing to the success of a drilling operation cannot be overestimated. However, many independent operators do not have access to specialist, impartial expertise covering the full scope of the service lines, which means that opportunities for efficiency, cost effectiveness, and performance enhancement are often not realised. AK Well Services Limited, which was formed to take over the business of the long established and respected consulting group, MGA Consultancy Services, provides a service that removes the need for full time in-house engineering support, and ensures cost effective solutions, application of appropriate technology, and quality assurance. Impartial advice is tailored to the client’s requirements, ranging from ad hoc involvement to resolve technical problems, to management of whole projects from planning to execution and review. Specific areas of technical expertise include deepwater drilling, ERD wells, HPHT, and complex completions.

Fluids Management

Technical support for operators, generally provided on an ad-hoc basis to suit the client’s requirements. This approach provides operators with a viable alternative to employing full time staff in-house to manage their drilling fluids, cementing, and associated environmental business. Furthermore, it allows the operator to gain access to the combined resources of our team, which covers a number of areas of expertise. Our core capabilities include tendering and procurement, equipment sourcing and specification, well planning, contract management, and operations coordination.

Fluids Technology Advisory

Independent expert advice on all aspects of technology covering drilling and completion fluids, cementing, waste management, and environmental services available to chemical and equipment manufacturers, suppliers, industry bodies, and operators.  Examples include, trials and evaluation of equipment and mud systems; fluids systems in rig design, commissioning and evaluation; audits of rig and onshore facilities, equipment and quality procedures; formation damage studies; development of environmental strategies including for drilling in remote/environmentally sensitive areas; and environmental remediation projects.

Rig-site Engineering

We have a team of experienced Fluids Engineers available for work in the North Sea and internationally.  Our focus is on competence, ensuring that the assigned engineer has the correct level of training and experience for the particular operation, which can include, Deepwater, HPHT, and other specialist applications.  Our engineers are assigned either direct to the operator or through the supply company.

Personnel Training

Training programmes covering the general fields of drilling fluids, cementing and environmental compliance.  The degree of complexity of the material varies from simple introductory courses to advanced drilling fluid and cement courses developed to enhance the knowledge of drilling engineers and drilling supervisors.

Laboratory Services

Independent testing and verification of drilling fluid and cement samples, either at the supplier’s facilities, or through our own arrangements with an ISO 9000 accredited laboratory.  This service is suitable for validation of tendered formulations, and for trouble-shooting operational issues.

HSE and Quality

Specialist advice on fluids related areas of HSE, including product design, environmental compliance and regulations.  Quality assurance, best practices, standard procedures, and risk assessments; rig and facilities audits.

Environmental Technical Assistance

Provided by an in-house technical assistant, covering all aspects of statutory environmental reporting covering UK North Sea operations.