Andy Kitchin

Company Director

Andy has spent his whole career in drilling fluids engineering, with experience covering most major geographical locations: North & South America, Africa, North Sea & Europe, Central Asia, Middle East, and South East Asia. As well as gaining many years offshore engineering experience, with most drilling fluid types and technologies, he has held a number of senior operations and technical management positions with major service companies, and as an advisor to independent and major operators. He has contributed to the SPE and participated in industry representative organizations. He holds a B.Sc. in Geology & Pure Mathematics from Sheffield University, and an MBA from the Open University.

Stewart Adams

Company Director

With over twenty years UK and international experience, I take a holistic approach to contract management. Within this approach I cover all aspects of drilling and completion fluid services coupled with associated solids control and waste management services, both onshore and offshore in the Oil and Gas industry. In recent years I have been involved in senior service provider management, turnkey delivery management, and specific project management. Technical experience has been gained in a wide variety of fields inclusive but not exclusive too HPHT, deep water, ERD, short radius drilling, under balance drilling, CRI activities across Europe and Middle East North Africa regions.

Saadoudi Ahcene

North Africa Operations

A drilling fluids and waste management professional, with over 35 years’ seniority in the industry, specialising in client relations and business development, with experience in supervisory and technical support positions, who has an in depth knowledge gained from field experience in drilling and completions fluids. He holds a degree in mathematics, and a diploma in geology and drilling fluid technology from the Algerian Petroleum Institute.

Mike Hodder


Mike has over 38 years’ experience as a Drilling and Completion Fluids specialist in research management, client technical support, training and marketing for major drilling fluids companies. He has worked in UK, France and USA, and has travelled extensively – working on or visiting over 30 different drilling rigs in the North Sea, Europe, West Africa, Thailand, Middle East and Canada. He has a comprehensive knowledge of drilling and completion fluids, both practical and theoretical, and has written numerous technical manuals, authored or co-authored 20 technical papers, one issued patent and 3 published patent applications. Mike holds an MA degree in Geology and Chemistry from Cambridge University.

Daryl Kellingray

Cement Engineering and Zonal Isolation

Daryl held a technical leadership role in BP for Cement Engineering and Zonal Isolation for over 30 years, initially through technology projects and laboratory management. He then provided direct operational support and contractor management, and held various leadership roles in cementing, firstly as the Global Specialist, eventually becoming the Company Advisor and the Engineering Technical Authority for Zonal Isolation. He was responsible for creating the Company policies for Zonal Isolation and played a key role in BP’s contracting efforts for cementing services. Daryl holds a Master degree in Industrial Chemistry from Brunel University, and has served as an SPE distinguished lecturer.

Iain Whyte

Completions and Training

Iain “Chalky” Whyte has nearly 40 years’ experience in both the fluids and downhole clean-up tools sectors of international oil industry. He has occupied a range of roles, including senior management and business development in Europe and the Middle East. He has specific expertise with well clean-up technologies in both fluids and tools; also with reservoir technologies, including formation damage, and open hole completions.  He has lectured and tutored extensively; providing training programmes and contributing to the SPE papers in these specialist areas.  Chalky holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Biology from Glasgow University.

Neil Mosley

Operations Support

I have over twenty years’ experience in the Oil and Gas industry both offshore and onshore. I have been involved predominantly with drilling and completion fluids, initially in an offshore capacity and latterly in a shore based operations support role with Halliburton.

In drilling fluids, as well as a broad range of fluid types, including specialist systems, I have particular expertise and experience in HPHT and reservoir drill-in fluid applications. With completion fluids technology my experience includes the use of breaker solutions for both oil and water based filter cake applications in complex completions. I also have experience surveying rigs to assess their drilling fluids and waste management capabilities.

Katherine Ardila

Technical Support

A professional in the oilfield service industry, with particular experience in environmental permitting, waste management and quality management.

Katherine graduated with a BSc in mechanical engineering and started her career with Schlumberger Dowell and Schlumberger IPM in Venezuela. After receiving her MBA from Robert Gordon University she has been working as a consultant in Aberdeen. Clients include Maersk, Talisman Sinopec, Canadian Natural Resources (CNR) and Shell.

Experience preparing end of well EEMS (Environmental Emissions Monitoring System of the UK Oil and Gas Industry) reports, OSPAR Annual Substitution Chemicals Report relating to chemical use and discharge and Technical Justification Report, Management Regime for Offshore Cuttings Piles (OSPAR Recommendation), Annual Environmental Reports and Waste Management Strategy.

Chris Leith

Laboratory Services

I started in the oil industry with BJ Sevices testing and optimizing cement slurries. I then joined Baroid in 1997 and Baker Hughes in 2008. For these last two companies I worked mainly as a Tender specialist testing and optimizing fluids to meet the required specifications for all the major companies. During this time, as  well as Aberdeen I also conducted witness conformation testing in Dubai, Malaysia,Singapore, Indonesia, Norway and America at various times.